To achieve great success a student has to follow certain etiquette mentioned below

The academic year starts from June and extends to April.

Students must maintain silence and behave in an orderly manner in the class rooms.

A student cannot remain absent from class without a leave letter for valid reasons.

Students should reach the school by 8.10 am latest. Late comers are strictly prohibited from entering the school campus.

No students is allowed to go out during working hours without permission

Irregularity in attendance, unwillingness to work, negligence in doing homework, disobedience and disrespect to teachers will be viewed seriously.

Exercise in the work books should be done regularly and got corrected by the teacher concerned.

If any student damages the property of the school, compensation will be claimed from the student.

Prior to the reopening day of the school, all students must possess books of all subjects besides the stationery required.

A pupil who fails to possess the required books or articles will not be allowed to attend the classes.