About Us

Sri Prakash the name which has been very popular for 34 years has travelled a long way in the field of education embarking on a journey of self journey of self discovery. Each child is given the opportunity by school to explore and get delighted in the experience of learning. Healthy and happy learning envionment for all students is the main objective of the management at every institution of Sri Prakash.

Sri Prakash has established a distinctive place among the educational institutions of Andhra Pradesh. Our spectacular campus with its impressive infrastructure, are the portals of learning from Play School (K.G.) to Post Graduation (P.G.). Sri Prakash, over the years, has earned an enviable reputation for delivery of quality education. This is reflected in our proven track record of securing meritorious ranks on all competitive fronts. The winning spirit pervades every sphere of learning, where students enjoy the experience of studying in a campus environment which has been carefully created in a serene atmosphere. Emphasizing on good infrastructure as the key to great performances, Sri Prakash’s sprawling campuses encompass more that 2,00,000 sft. A gigantic educational arena based at Tuni and Payakaraopeta, Sri Prakash now emerges successfully at Visakhapatnam, Asia’s fastest growing city of destiny since 2001.

Success emanates from the unique academic environment at Sri Prakash. We aim to equip our students with education that is functional, relevant, meaningful and productive, shaping talent to reach the peaks of performance. Giving hard work high prominence and diligent study the due importance, Sri Prakash not only promotes academic requirements but recognizes that developing “life skills” is equally important. Hence we offer an educational and personal experience which should be among the most enjoyable experiences in life.

A Proud History

“Enriching life through education” is the living motto of Sri Prakash Educational Institutions. Growing by leaps and bounds, from being a modest provider of education with a small strength of just 112 students, into a multi-discipline, multi-campus provider of higher education of statewide and national significance, Sri Prakash is proud of its distinguished history of dynamic growth over the decades.
Lighting the way for thousands of students, from its magnificent campuses at Tuni, Payakaraopeta and Visakhapatnam, Sri Prakash has carved a special niche in the state, as the stronghold of quality Education. Nestled in the safe, tranquil and congenial environment, Sri Prakash offers a new world of learning opportunities with all the modern facilities ranging from K.G. to P.G.
Transforming over the years into the status of a ‘Mini University’ Sri Prakash operation are now conducted from a score of individual institutions. Encouraged to expand by the immense success, Sri Prakash has proudly entered the port city of Visakhapatnam in 2001.

Leading the way at Visakhapatnam

Good school education is the foundation that great careers are built upon. Providing the ideal environment, Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan at Visakhapatnam, is a place where children enjoy the experience of learning. The Sri Prakash Campuses at Visakhapatnam, is advantageously located in the cosmopolitan area of Asilmetta Junction, right in the heart of Visakhapatnam.
In modern magnificent building, Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan takes pride in an impressive expanse of 25,000 sft., operating space. As a remarkable campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure, Sri Prakash possesses every facility offering students every opportunity to excel.

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