Date: Saturday, August 1, 2015

Communication skills are the 21st century skills that every individual looks for be it in India  or world over ,keeping pace with changing trends. Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan was graced by Mr. Gordon Michael Sutton from Liverpool, U.K. In his session he highlighted the importance of communication skills, both listening and speaking . How important it is for the students to be able to build up word power naturally and improve skills. In 15 days of his sessions he highlighted on reading skills, questioning skills, comprehension skills based on some very interesting books of the contemporary style. He captured the students’  attention with interesting activities like creative story writing based on childhood remembrances and how it can be done effectively. “The more you read books the better educated you will be.” He said
Interacting with teachers he emphasized on the need for the teachers to be technologically equipped and make their classrooms student centric and interactive. Self exploration should also be highlighted.
Interacting with parents he stressed on need of the day that every parent should stress on life skill based   activities and know the role of technology in day to day life as every parent has the role to furnish facilities to their children.
English fortnight is a good beginning to a great venture that is equipping the 21 century citizens. The session was highly appreciated by children, teachers, parents who thanked the director Mr. Chitturi Vasu Prakash for the initiative.

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